New Beginnings Church

Small Groups


Here at New Beginnings Church, we believe life change happens when you connect outside of a Sunday morning and that's exactly what our Small Groups are meant for; connecting and fellowshipping with others from your church. 

Our Small Groups can range from 6-25 people per group and usually meet once a week or every other week at a home in the area or in our multi-purpose room at our office in Livermore.

You can sign up for any of these groups by emailing


Mom's In Prayer - Sunday Nights at 7 PM

Every kid deserves to be prayed for...  

Moms, this is an invitation to a brand new group called Moms In Prayer. If you have been feeling the need to pray over your children, no matter their age, we’d love to have you join this group for a time of fellowship, laughter & tears, but most of all, a time of feeling uplifted.

Replace your anxiety and fear with peace and hope by praying with other moms specifically and scripturally for your children.

This group will be meeting weekly starting September 16th from 7 PM - 8:30 PM.

Location: 1321 Lillian Stree Livermore, Ca 94551


Adamant (Women's Group) - Tuesday Nights at 7 PM

What is truth?

This has become the defining question of our time. But while everyone has an opinion, truth, it seems, is getting harder and harder to find. Perhaps that’s because we are searching for something when we should be looking for someone.

Truth has a name.

More ancient than time and more present than this moment, truth is not a river that changes with the cultural currents, but a rock—immovable, invincible, unshakeable—and the cornerstone of all we are and ever dream to be.

Through this small group and book, together we will help find the strength to anchor our souls and lead others to the Truth.

Join us for this group as we meet every other Tuesday, Starting September 25th from 7 PM - 8:30 PM.

Location: 151 Lindbergh Ave Suite A Livermore, Ca 94551


Killing Kryptonite (Men's Group) - Wednesday Nights at 7 PM

Just like Superman, who can leap over any hurdle and defeat every foe, followers of Christ have the supernatural ability to conquer the challenges we face. But the problem for both Superman and us is there’s a kryptonite that steals our strength.

Of course, both Superman and kryptonite are fictional. But spiritual kryptonite is not.

Through this group and study, we'll discover answers to why so many of us are unable to experience the divine strength that was evident among first-century Christians.

Join us as we meet every Wednesday for 8 weeks, starting September 19th at 7 PM.

Location: 914 Wynn Circle Livermore, Ca 94550


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