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Toxins surround us. Whether it’s bad air, bad foods or weird chemicals, there are toxins that harm our bodies. It’s good to have a healthy detox every once in a while. Not only does your body need a detox, but your soul does as well. All around us there are toxins that weigh down our souls: depression, anger, envy, and fear. God wants to free you from those toxins so that you can experience His best for your life.

Join New Beginnings as we take a Soul Detox

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Part 5 - Toxic Anger
Todd Hendricks 10-30-16
Part 4 - Toxic Depression
Todd Hendricks 10-23-16
Part 3 - Toxic Envy
Todd Hendricks 10-16-16
Part 2 - Toxic Addiction
Todd Hendricks 10-09-16
Part 1 - O My Soul
Todd Hendricks 10-02-16