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    Legacy is our building project to secure our home for generations to come. We are so excited to invite you into this spiritually transforming season of giving! We have a unique opportunity to build an incredible place. A place that will lift Jesus higher, take the Gospel further, and help people in a greater capacity than ever before.

    One of my favorite quotes by CH Spurgeon says, "God delights in impossibilities." This is His specialty. When we are sensitive to listen to His voice and obey the continuous push of God, we experience our faith coming to life, releasing us into the impossible. I believe the Holy Spirit is calling each of us to step out into the impossible. This is the moment we cross the line, get our faith out, and dream of what could be.

    For generations
    to come.

    We are
    moving forward.

    legacy for generations to come

    Be a pioneer

    Plans will never be realized if pioneers don’t blaze the trail to accomplish the plan. We want to press into the new frontier, but we must also be sure that the legacy of those pioneers that came before us is never lost.


    Pray about how God wants you and your family to sacrificially give over the next twelve months to become a pioneer.


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    Fill out a Digital Pledge Card by clicking here. Your 12-month faith pledge will help further our mission of connecting people to Christ!


    Starting March 26th, bring your one-time Miracle Offering to our in-person service or give online.

    If you have questions or would like to learn about more ways to give, you can email or reach out by phone to 925-371-1922.